Ascona: Residenza „3 Palme“

Once, many years ago, Ascona was an unspectacular fishing village situated on the very edge of Lago Maggiore. Today, Ascona has become the embodiment of luxury and richness – without losing any of its envied and highly valued tranquillity.
At this prestigious location the Residenza Ascona: “Tre Palme” is rising in the Via Ferrera. There are three individual Residential Areas, ranging from upper class to luxury class.
Designed by the renowned architect’s office Rusotti & Sonderegger in Locarno, the construction distinguishes itself through its elegant styling as well as through its play with light effects. Inside the top, impressive quality of the particularly tasteful interior makes for an all-round feel-good atmosphere. This, in turn, is the guarantee for high property value retention of the three privacy-protected residential units.

Architecture with added value
The outstanding architectural concept has been applied to all three Residential Areas:
Each enjoys light-flooded rooms whose triple glazing provides an almost entire panoramic view across to the impressive mountain vista, even from the ground floor.
One large and two smaller terraces permit a wide opening of the living and sleeping areas. To remove humidity quickly, the bathrooms are equipped with opening windows.
An under-floor heating system ensures cosy comfort even when there is a chill outside. This, together with the sanitary facilities, is run by a cost-effective water/water-heat-pump.

The floors of the three Residential Areas, as well as the basement and the in-house underground parking, are connected by an elevator. So, in any weather condition, you can walk between home and automobile whilst keeping your feet dry.

Each residential area has its own unique charisma
The privileged position of the Residences makes it almost impossible for outsiders to look inside. The private ambience of the ground floors, together with its lovingly arranged garden and outdoor pool, is additionally protected by a hedge. Another striking and prized feature is three established palm trees, adorning the intimate green oasis, as emblems of the Residenza Ascona: “Tre Palme”.

Already, from the first floor upwards, the view over Ascona opens out, where “residence No 2” is located. And hardly anybody will be able to withdraw from the fascination of the Ticinese panorama presented to the onlooker.

At about twelve meters high, the upper floor of the “Atrium Residence” (“Residence No 3”) probably offers the most spectacular view of all over the Lago Maggiore - presumably even on the Lago Maggiore (which couldn’t be proved due to the lack of heights comparisons). Here, architectural experience is demonstrated by the vision of how exacting standards of fashionable living quality can be achieved:
The lower level of this two storey luxury home offers a sensuous combination of “light-wellness-sleeping experience”. From the bedroom you just cross the integrated dressing room and step into the luxurious bathroom, which creates a pure sense of well-being.
The living room located at the higher floor level can be reached by a private elevator. Here a large roof-terrace with an all-around view invites you to linger and enjoy.
Adjacent, there is the spacious living and dining area with kitchen. To leave open as many options as possible, to allow for accommodating personal choice, the two secondary rooms are equipped with sanitary facilities. But, equally, they may be used for different needs, such as wine-storage.

At present we gladly can offer to meet your special requests for the three Residential Areas, for the personalised interior features, even right up until when ready for occupation.

Prime Location
The Residenza Ascona: „Tre Palme“ is located in a quiet, upscale neighbourhood. The front of the building faces south, so soft and pleasant daylight fills the rooms the whole day through.
The municipal ground, to the west of the property, is solely used underground and is bordered by a beautiful park. As there is a neighbouring building in Mediterranean style in the north, only the bathroom windows are located on this side.
The Lago Maggiore is just a few minutes walk away, with its historic harbour as well as the picturesque village centre or even the golf course of Ascona. Shopping facilities and public transport stations are all within 200 meters distance.
Also, easy to reach are the airports in Zürich, Lugano, the one close to Locarno and in nearby Italy, Linate and Malpensa, the two airports close to Milan.

Leisure, culture and sports
Only a stone’s throw from the Italian border, Ascona, with Locarno and it’s nearby surroundings offers not only a charming way of life, but also first-class water sports, two fantastic golf courses, a skiing resort and an endless number of destinations for excursions.
This is not forgetting the varied cultural events, film and music festivals of international prestige and significance.